The History of The Gaming Console: A Video Timeline

As part of an introduction to the module: ‘Introduction to Games Design’ we were assigned the task of splitting into pairs to create and design a timeline to illustrate the history and foundations of the gaming console.

I partnered with my colleague Tim and began conceptualizing what we wanted to achieve as an end result from this timeline. It became apparent fairly quickly through our own creative intuition that we wanted to construct this in the most creative form possible, this so happened to be in video format. After some deliberation and discussing our skill-sets regarding the subject matter, it became clear of my inexperience with video editing software such as Vegas Movie Studio. Thus to better attribute myself to the project, i became more heavily involved in the research aspect instead of video editing.

I am indeed very impressed with the end result, i think it matches most of the initial ideas i had when conceptualizing the project. Personally i would have relished having a more ‘hands-on’ approach with the timeline in order to gain experience on the subject matter, but as time was an issue it was for the best to allocate resources appropriately.


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