Character Concept #1: Combat

Peaceful or Aggressive Attitude:

  • With having no melee combat training usually he takes combat with a peaceful approach with the notion to avoid rather than begin conflict. Although when angry/challenged he will resort to using his abilities when prompted.

Fighting Skills/Techniques:

  • As mentioned previously with no melee combat training or any kind of combat training altogether, he usually resorts to ranged combat in the form of utilizing his telekinesis, or on the occasion using his ability to convert psionic energy into physical form as a kind of “Hand Blaster”

Special Skills/Magical Powers:

  • He has the ability to use Telekinesis, which allows him to manipuate the properties of an object my moving them with his mind but directed with his hands. Primarily he uses this ability to traverse the environment by way of Telekinetic Flight, he achieves this by lifting his entire body off of the ground and travelling at tremendous speeds.
  • Additionally he as a low-level Telepathic ability that will grow with time. Currently he possesses the ability to create illusions within individuals minds to either become unnoticeable or escape. He does not however have the ability to read minds because the power is not as developed yet.


  • With no combat expertise Simon generally doesn’t use weapons, he sticks to using his fists in low numbered fist fights, Telekinesis or Flying directly at people and hitting them.

Weaknesses in combat:

  • Power fluctuates depending on concentration level
  • He isn’t superhuman so he can be affected by all ailments in regards to normal human vulnerabilities
  • Inability to fully function when multitasking. For example, if he is trying to stop a multiple bullets from hitting him but also trying to fly, he’ll either; get shot, fall to the ground or both if not fully concentrating.
  • He doesn’t have the physique or strength for melee combat. He can often hold his own in small numbered crowds but has no combat training or desire to get into a fist fight.

Strengths in combat

  • When flying, he produces a psionic force-field that covers the entirety of his body. This doesn’t protect him from damage entirely as it isn’t permanent, it’ll just absorb some damage and detract from any potential concentration breaker
  • Can use his telekinetic ability to lift objects to throw at people
  • Due to his low level telepathy he can occasionally trick the minds of those around him into thinking he is elsewhere or invisible. This is strenuous to pull of but can be used for quick getaways if injured.

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