Character Concept #1: Family, Friends and Foes

Parents Names: Greg & Erica Michaels

Are his parents alive or dead:

  • His mother died mysteriously during childbirth
  • His father is currently missing, he is presumed to be alive but his whereabouts are unknown

Is the character still in contact with his parents:

  • The only living relative is currently missing, so no.


  • His mother initially was giving birth to twins, after Simon had been given birth to complications arose with his unborn sister. She and the mother died as a result.
  • Other than that Simon was raised an only child.

Other Important Relatives:

  • Grandfather (John Michaels)
  • Grandmother (Elaine Michaels)
  • An unnamed Uncle mentioned in his mother’s diary

Children: None

Best Friend:

  • After obtaining his Skateboard, Simon began frequenting the local Skate Park when he stayed with his grandparents. Being socially awkward he didn’t essentially socialise like all the other kids would. Instead he befriended a slightly younger child named Dexter (Often called “Dex” or “D” for short) who had been dragged there by his sister (Elise) of whom was the same age as Simon. After awhile they sparked a friendship out of a mutual hatred for Dex’s sister, Elise.

Other Important Friends:

  • Occasionally Simon would befriend work colleagues out of professional courtesy but none of any importance.


  • Elise – His best friend Dex’s older sister.
  • Seth – Simon’s work colleague and occasional friend
  • Nathan – Landlord of his apartment


  • Due to him admiring his long work hours he generally doesn’t have the time to maintain a pet. He once tried keeping a Clownfish named Rory, but within 4 days it died after Simon forgot to feed it.


  • Patrick – His boss, has a keen dislike for Simon because of his age and doesn’t believe he should be instructing potential clients because of this.
  • The Shaman – One of the names used by a rogue alien scientist who discovered how to unlock the gene code and give extraordinary abilities to his own kind. After being discovered for committing crimes against his own people, he fled his planet in search for a guinea pig race that he could use to gain mastery over Immortality. Landing on Earth a millennia ago, he unlocked the ability within himself to rejuvenate his body which was at a terrible cost. After discovering the abilities that Simon possesses he wishes to utilize them to advance his research, whether Simon cooperates or not.
  • Rhombus – A mafia type of organisation’ that act as a crime syndicate in the California area. They have a shared obsession with shapes, Rhombuses in particular. During his fathers disappearance Simon was kidnapped by the Rhombus in order to track him down as they believe he had an object of ‘interest’ in his possession. After being tortured by this lawless group it inadvertently activated Simons powers. They now proactively attempt to hunt Simon down in order to harness his power for their own ends.

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