Character Concept #1: Game-Play Ideas

Game-play Concept Ideas

To integrate this character into a game-play perspective i thought of a number of concepts that could work for how this character operates:

  • Third-Person Perspective
  • Due to the narrative aspect of powers not being able to efficiently multitask, the idea arose that the character switch ‘Modes’ between Flight and Walking/Hovering.
  • Weapon-wise, it isn’t essentially an easy task to decipher what kind of combat route the game would take. Taking the concept of Psionic Energy ‘Hand Blasters’ would be the only ranged combat option that disregards the characters inability for vigorous melee combat.
  • HUD (Heads up Display) I was thinking that there would be a ‘Concentration’ meter implemented that would measure the concentration of the protagonist against how much ‘Chaotic’ behaviour was going on around him. If the meter drops below a certain point, the powers cease working. Causing players to think about flying into specific areas to retain abilities or stop themselves falling mid-flight.
  • Having a character who can fly and speeds such as this, it would be important to either limit the speed he can go as a narrative point such as “Character gets an onset headache if going to quickly” or expanding the size of the level to ensure maximum potential free-roam but limiting the player to the map because of “Military or Rhombus presence”
  • The enemy presence within the game can take the form of Rhombus members and associates. Additionally the Shaman’s minions can be an enemy that begins emerging as the player progresses through the narrative.

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