Character Concept #1: House, Home & Career

House and Home

Describe the character’s house/home:

  • Simon lives in a one bedroom apartment on the outskirts of Anaheim, California. Being a skydiving instructor he generally doesn’t have much in the way of possessions and his apartment is generally not very well maintained. He lives by himself and works happily from 8am – 6pm, leaving generally no time to clean or make food. So he frequently visits local takeouts for ‘nourishment’ so it isn’t to anyone’s surprise that his apartment is littered with the empty cartons of Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine.

Significant/special belongings:

  • Ever since he was a child Simon lived a very sheltered life as a result of his fathers affection for not losing another of his family. Occasionally his father, a freelance graphic designer would often go out of town to find client work to earn money. This would result in Simon being left with his grandparents fairly frequently. His grandfather one christmas decided to give Simon a skateboard, he grew to cherish the skateboard and when his grandfather passed years later and kept it as a memento of the admiration he shared for him.


Level of Education:

  • Academic-wise Simon didn’t ‘excel’ in the way his father would have wished him too. By the age of 16 he had started to dabble with ‘Adrenaline-Junkie-esque’ activities much to the dismay of his father. Seeing school as an obstacle to his enjoyment he dropped out. Initially it had been his dream as a boy to become a pilot but his fear of heights had always put him off. After getting over that fear when skydiving for the first time, he realised his true calling. With being a pilot a narrow opportunity he decided to garner the desire to skydive for a living.


  • None of merit, he dropped out of community college whilst doing an associates degree in Physics.

Current Job Title and Description:

  • Trainee Skydiving Instructor – As a job he mainly observes the other instructors in action whilst taking clients into the air. He is still required to pass a few more tests before being able to go into the air with a client. Although he is allowed to skydive by himself.

Name of Employer:

  • Anaheim Sky

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