Character Concept #1: Physical Appearance

Height: 74 inches (6 ft 2 inches)

Weight: 172 pounds

Figure/build: Average

Hair colour: Dark blonde

Hairstyle: Medium straight

Eye colour: Left eye (Light blue) Right eye (Brown) Result of Heterochromia Iridum

Skin: Light-skinned

Tattoos: Sleeves on both arms

Piercings: None

Scars/Distinguishing marks: Bridge of his nose, skateboarding injury

Preferred style of clothing:

  • Casual clothes:
    • 2 Layered shirts
    • ¾ length jeans
    • Casual shoes
  • The Cerebral Suit:
    • Mixture between a Squirrel Suit, Spandex Suit & a regular Hoodie

Frequently worn jewellery: None


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