Photoshop Tutorial #2: Tiled Textures

During a Photoshop tutorial, the tutor showed the various techniques involved with making tileable imagery. As a task, we were given free reign to find various imagery from the real world in an attempt to find images appropriate for the use in a practical environment.

To do this we took the images, selected a portion of the image that would be suitable for tiling. Then from this offset the image and clean the image appropriately so it looks viable for tiling. Once this was done, we mass produced the image in another document and placed several copies of this image in sequence with one another to test tile-ability.

As a result, i found 5 images and used the skills learned within this tutorial to produce 5 images that are of a ’tile-able’ nature:

Overall, i think that this is an effective method for producing textures for real-world object textures for appropriate situations that require them, such as 3D Modelling.


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