Character Concept #1: Cerebral Knight – Initial Sketch

When visualizing the character being a Telekinetic who can fly, and incorporating his occupation of being a professional skydiver it was a given that his attire would have to reflect this. Initially i had the idea of going for a fully equipped squirrel suit with the atypical ‘superhero spandex’ but decided against it. I wanted the character to have an everyday feel by incorporating average clothes into an non typical situation. Instead i managed to add the main fundamental part of the squirrel suit that i had initially visualized with the ‘wing’ affect, which is added to an ‘average’ everyday hoodie.


One thought on “Character Concept #1: Cerebral Knight – Initial Sketch

  1. Hi,
    You have some nice content on your blog, from the character design elements through to your evidence of technical skills. However, there is an awful lot of content missing, where is your work for Craft and Media Tech prior to the level design brief? Where is all your flash experimentation? as well as the controller and magazine review, to name a few, Please have a look at the check list we provided outside the studio.

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