inFamous 2 – The Review

inFamous 2 – The Review


Launch Trailer: InFamous 2


The successor to the original inFamous sees the returning protagonist Cole McGrath, a superhuman Conduit with the power to manipulate and absorb electricity, set sail for the southern city of New Marais (Based on New Orleans, Louisiana). In a desperate attempt to stop his most dangerous foe, The Beast.


Graphical Issues – As far as my in depth play through of the game, I did not encounter any noteworthy graphical issues. There may have been the anomalous time of physics distortion with object exploding and going through other objects but that about covers it on that front.

Aesthetically Pleasing – Sucker Punch really hit the mark with the graphics in the game. It really does capture the sense of realism within the game but also has an essence of the core comic book styling.

User Interface – In terms of User Interface it’s very basic and easy to understand and navigate through the game and its menus.

Art Style – With some cut scenes, instead of CGI the game relies on comic book renditions of events past and present. As this series is backed by DC Comics, Cole can be classed as the classic superhero character which makes this is very much appropriate.


Appropriate – For a third person perspective game, the controls are very much appropriate

Easy to Learn – With my experience in the game, once you’ve learned how to manoeuvre the character and use the targeting system, everything else comes naturally.

Dynamic – When looking at the controls in terms of dynamic nature in correlation between one another, after the learning curve of adapting to new controls they are pretty dynamic towards one another in that sense.

Changeable – Unfortunately through the playthrough I experienced no ability to change the controls, although the controls are appropriate to the point it doesn’t seem worthwhile needing to change the control layout.


Fluidity – In terms of fluidity the game effectively runs at a desirable pace in and out of combat. Although there is the gameplay mechanic of the protagonist periodically needing to find an outlet of electricity to recharge the weapon you use in combat. Other than that it’s solidly fluid.

Replay ability – The game offers two varied playthroughs that allow the player to play as either Good or Evil. Coupled with this is the feature of UGC (User Generated Content) which allows users playing the game to create their own missions and share with the rest of the community in order to expand the replay ability factor.

Interesting – Gameplay-wise and in terms of most games in the market. You may experience games similar to this in a sense of third person perspective, but as a superhuman that holds domain over electricity, no matter the circumstance that aspect within a game would personally attract anyone of whom is an admirer of the superhuman genre. Objectively, the game is unique I in it’s game stance. Allowing players to play it how they desire but still sticking to a near-linear projected course.

Addictive – Personally I played both Good and Evil projections of the protagonists to satisfy my desire to know the difference between the two moralities in-game. But besides this, It did not have a lasting hold over me like most games would in a sense that I’d play it for 9 hours non-stop. It was more of a “put an hour or so into this everyday”. So no, I don’t deem this addictive.


Does it have a score? – Yes it indeed does have a score

Appropriate – The score is appropriate near the climax of the game as it adds tension to scenes

Mood Change – When I played through the game twice, I could barely hear any of the score. It’s more prominent near the climax of the game so in terms of affecting the entirety of the game, no it does not.

Voice Acting Under shadow – As the score is minimally noticeable, it does not affect the stellar voice acting whatsoever.


Does it have a Narrative/Story? – inFamous 2, does indeed have a narrative/story

Structure – In terms of structure, the game does have a beginning introductory narrative. A mid point where the secondary antagonist is utilized In confrontation that would merit and ‘mid-point’ label. And the game climaxes from two distinct choices.

Captivating – There are some parts within the game where the narrative will dip in intrigue, but for the most part. It effectively builds up to the climax whilst maintaining user interest effectively.

Plot Twist – Like all reviews, to refrain from spoilers, a simple acknowledgement of a plot twists presence will suffice. Yes, there is a sufficient plot twist



(A score of 4.25 out of 5 Discs)

For an overview of the reviews and the marking criteria, click the link


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