Interactive Controller Assignment – Controller/Mouse Combination

For this assignment, i was tasked with coming up with an idea for an “interactive controller” to bridge the gap between the people using the product and the product itself. The product being anything i saw fit for improving interactivity. As a personal preference I’ve always approached gaming with a controller in hand, and so when i look towards PC gaming, i have a conflict of preference when the Keyboard/Mouse combination is used. Here is where my idea was born to incorporate the key elements of a console controller and implement them onto a PC mouse to create a hybrid of the two.

How it works is that it is essentially a console controller, with the capabilities to be used as a mouse. It has a left analogue stick that is in the style of the W,A,S and D keys on a computer keyboard.

It has 6 buttons on the back ridges of the controller that can be used for keyboard macros and will be accordingly designated for each independent console that it can operate for.

The controller thus is appropriate to be used on consoles additionally. And is intentionally designed with the purpose for use on a universal scale, this means it can be used on all appropriated consoles such as the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Looking at the design, it’s primarily designed for individuals with a background in console gaming who have no experience with or dislike, the Keyboard & Mouse combination.

Overall i’m happy with the design, i think  that if i were personally having issues with the Keyboard & Mouse combination i would certainly look towards a product like this to aid me in having the experience of PC gaming but with a more familiar controller basis.


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