3D Shapes and Perspectives – Tutorial Session (Drawing 101)

Throughout this tutorial it was an essential look at the basic shapes and primitives that consist within art and how to easily replicate them using various techniques.


The first technique shown was how to create a sphere, simply out of two circles. This i found fairly interesting because i had seen this before previously but had forgotten how to replicate it. Now that i can fully remember and have learnt to do this, it should come in very handy when trying to conceptualize 3D imagery.

RoughCube Perspective

The next technique was perspectives, we started off having to freehand what we thought a cube would look like without taking any measurements prior, and having done this in school whilst partaking in Graphic Design at school i already had a basic understanding of the concept. It was interesting and enforced the ideals of perspectives that i had long since forgotten.


The technique after this was contours, and i had a slight knowledge of how they worked oddly from studying Geography in school so i knew what they were and how they acted i just didn’t necessarily know they would be implemented into a drawing of this kind. Overall i found it particularly useful, i won’t deny it was particularly confusing at first because it didn’t seem from my eyes to be remotely 3D but i stuck with it.

Overall i see the benefits of all techniques, in teaching me how to comprehend 3D objects and keeping to perspective to ensure a greater sense of realism from my drawing and other works.


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