Bus Run: Alien Armageddon – High Concept Document

Nature of Game Play

The player has to face the main antagonists ‘minions’ in order to progress. To do this they must navigationally avoid these enemies in order not to crash the player controlled vehicle.

Player Achievement

In order for the player to beat a particular level, the player must navigate their controlled avatar through the level. Plot-wise the player is trying to save the world, in terms of game-play they are trying to accumulate a high score.

Player Motivation

In terms of gameplay elements, the motivating factor for the player is to finish the level to attain a highscore. Plot-wise the player is fighting to save the world.

Game Setting

Las Vegas/Nevada Desert/Area 51

Player Interaction

The player interacts with the world through a moving school bus on a 2D dimensional plane that accelerates throughout the level


The game takes place in a 2 dimensional perspective with the player operating the playable avatar that moves to the right.


The game consists of varying levels. The player is proactively driving through the levels trying to avoid the minions of the antagonist, and as the player progresses through the levels the difficulty of said levels will increase.

Game Modes

Single-player with partial online interactivity via online leader board


An alien that resembles a Cactus has crash landed on Earth with the intent of destroying it by stripping the planet of its natural resources. You are a school bus driver from Las Vegas. And unfortunately for you, this deadly foe has crash landed on your bus. To save the world you must find the fabled Area 51, avoid the evil minions besieging their masters call and stop it from implanting onto the ground.


Side-scrolling survival game


  • Highscore
    • The highscore system is based upon how long it takes for the player to complete a level, this time is stored and used in a highscore table to increase the replayability factor.
  • Health Bar
    • To ensure the game isn’t biased towards the player and ‘un-losable’ a health bar for the bus will be implemented to allow the player to know that the game has limitations.

Target Audience

Due to the comical style of the game and the lack of violent behaviour on behalf of any of the characters, the game would have to be aimed towards children around the ages of 7-15.


The game is aimed to be a Flash game primarily on the PC but could be considered to be ported to iOS or Android.


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