Bus Run: Alien Armageddon – Initial Sketches

For the casual game concept, i decided to do an initial sketch of what i wanted the assets within game to look like. Here is the initial sketch;


As you can see this sketch is pretty rough and i heavily dislike it. I decided to show it on this post as a process of evolution and how i came to the final result. I thought this version was too ‘sinister’ looking and wasn’t really matching the audience i’m appealing the game too. However, i did like the positioning of the Alien Cacti situated on the bus so i kept that element the same. Instead i went for a more child-like friendly approach with this more refined sketch;


I’m fairly content with the result and will most likely incorporate this in the vector graphic design that will eventually be used as an ingame asset. Obviously with non-physical limitations to take into account the design can be slightly altered to fit correctly.


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