Photoshop Collage: Experimentation

During a tutorial as a group, we were shown how to stitch various images together to create a collage image of a designated topic. So i decided to have a go myself. As a starting point i wanted to go for something along the lines of an apocalyptic wasteland. When i started this, i began searching for desert roads such as the one below;


After i tinted the colour balance of the image so that it would appear to be in a ‘serene’ nuclear environment, with an orange glow to give it that apocalyptic vibe. Additionally i wanted the viewer to have visual conformation that it’s that specific type of scene i tried creating, so i added a mushroom cloud into the distance. With this i didn’t want to leave it as a deserted nuclear envisioned clear road, so i added the generic apocalyptic zombie hoard. Now i wanted to add the hoard marching up the road but i stumbled onto a great up close picture of some actors near camera posing in character. So i decided to edit this and add it near screen so it put more focus onto the zombies, whilst still maintaining the apocalyptic essence i was trying to capture.



Final Result;


I’m rather content with the final result, although i’m not as experienced with the colour saturation as i’d like to be. Although it has the basic essence i was trying to capture, enough to make it vaguely ‘believable’. Overall i believe this was a fairly interesting exercise and has definitely shown me the use of conceptualizing ideas through the use of meshing different preexisting objects.


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