Angry Birds – The Review

Angry Birds – The Review


Angry Birds is a puzzle game developed by Rovio Entertainment. A where the player must utilize the birds at their disposal to take vengeance on a group of green pigs to reclaim what is theirs.

Graphical Issues – For an iOS game the graphics are superb and my brief playthrough i encountered no graphical issues.
Aesthetically Pleasing – As simple as the game is, the graphics work well with the mechanics and are indeed aesthetically pleasing.
User Interface – Using a platform as small (usually) as the iOS devices, there is always a minimal user interface experience. Thus the interface becomes easier to use, of which Angry Birds accomplishes very well.
Art Style – In the style of a comic, the art style works very well for the iOS platform.

Appropriate – Within the game there are only a number of the controls to master and with the scope of the game being a projectile puzzle game. The controls to catapult the players arsenal of ‘Angry Birds’ is appropriate in that sense.
Easy to Learn – There is a learning curve involved with Angry Birds. The use of the catapult and the trajectory required to hit a specific target, can become trial and error.
Dynamic – With the lack of controls, the working controls of catapulting and activating the birds abilities work dynamically well together.
Changeable – Unfortunately i didn’t discover a way to change the controls. As it is a touch-screen system there really isn’t a need to change the controls considering there is no alternative.

Fluidity – In terms of game-play it does tend to run fluidly most of the time. Apart from the limited ammo of birds that stops the continual flow of the game, of which is accounted for being the mechanic in the game that negates a player losing. It’s particularly fluid within this department.
Replay ability – With these types of games there really isn’t a limit on the possible levels available. The ever expanding universe of Angry Birds means that continually there will be more additional levels implemented into newer game versions, thus increasing the replayability. Factor in some players desire to ‘better’ the score they originally had and it produces ample amount of opportunity for replayability.
Interesting – Game-play wise the series has always offered intriguing combat scenarios that entice the player to keep leveling up their Pokemon.
Addictive – The addiction factor on this game stems from it’s ability to give the player a challenge that is ‘beatable’ but is often failed by human error, thus creating a pattern of constantly wanting to beat a level because of estimating how to win.

Does it have a score? – Yes, a score is present throughout various levels within the game.
Appropriate – In game the score tends to be ambient background noise that sets the scene.
Mood Change – It doesn’t tend to change the mood of the game because of the casual, comic nature of the game.
Voice Acting Under shadow –
No it doesn’t undershadow the voice acting because there is no present.

Does it have a Narrative/Story – Essentially there isn’t a plot-line to the game other than the motivation of the protagonist Angry Birds to reclaim their lost eggs from the foes onscreen.


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(A score of 3 out of 5 Discs)

For an overview of the reviews and the marking criteria, click the link


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