Dishonored – The Review


Launch Trailer: Dishonored

Set in the fictional city of Dunwall, the game cast as the assassin Corvo Atano. Formerly the bodyguard of the late empress, is accused of her murder and the kidnapping of her daughter Emily. Sentenced to death, he eventually escapes his bonds and with assistance begins a quest for revenge.


Graphical Issues – Graphically, on the PS3 version i played the game on there were some instances of screen tearing.
Aesthetically Pleasing – Aesthetically the game itself looks amazing. As it uses an art style similar to painting, it’s unique and visually appealing.
User Interface – Within the game there aren’t many interfaces other than the menu, and the radial dial. And these are visually easy to understand.
Art Style – As mentioned previously the art style used is almost reminiscent of a painting. So in a sense, the game is one singular vast painting in motion.


Appropriate – Being a first person action game with supernatural contextualization with it in regards to controls, them themselves are appropriate in the terms that they work efficiently and are designated as one would assume on a first person game.
Easy to Learn – Personally i had initial issues with the game in terms of learning the controls. It wasn’t that the controls were inappropriate because within context they’re optimal, but at the start of the game there is that much variety open to the player that it does seem that you can get lost in the complexity of the controls.
Dynamic – Once past the learning curve, the controls do dynamically work well together in the sense that it becomes very fluid to switch between weapons and abilities.
Changeable – In my experience with the game i didn’t find any alternative way of changing the controls personally. It may have been an attribute to the fact that i prefer to learn the controls in a game before trying to alter to cater to my preference, but by this time the controls become recognizable and the use for change isn’t required.

Fluidity – In terms of game-play the mechanics that have been implemented along with the controls do result in very creative and intuitive ways of controlling the fluidity. Also to note that each level/mission doesn’t dictate a set path for the player to take.
Replay ability – As there is varying game-play styles and ways in which to play the game this is the main selling point for replay-ability.
Interesting – As a new IP in a generation currently swamped with reused ideas and sequels galore. Dishonored is not only a breath of fresh air, but with a cool Steampunk breeze. In terms of game-play  as mentioned previously the game has no limitations on set paths the player should take, coupled with the choice for different play-styles (To name two: High profile, Low profile) and it gives players a variety of options to choose from.
Addictive – From personal experience, having only played it fully once. I found it addictive to an extent. After the initial learning curve and becoming familiar with the mechanics, eventually an attachment to the games crazy antics and overtly amazing feats that can be accomplished from this very simple idea. I’ve since been longing to start another play-though to see what else i can do.


Does it have a score? – Yes, a score is present in the game.
Appropriate – As an alternate reality Steampunk game, the score relatively contrasts this in corresponding fashion.
Mood Change – The score is particularly scene-centric. Usually you’ll hear it ambivalently appear from time to time but it’s more prominent for setting either an intensity or a soft nature to particular scenes.
Voice Acting Under Shadow – The score usually never impacts further than background noise in comparison to voice acting, this allows for the scene to be amplified emotionally by the score but maintain the integrity of the voice acting.


Does it have a Narrative/Story – Yes, Dishonored indeed does have a narrative as previously explained.
Structure – In terms of the scope of the story. it is linear but the way in which the choices and the resultant branches of these are laid out
Captivating – I found myself compelled to the end with this story. Usually in most video games within the modern era they rely on the protagonist having a voice instead of letting the player project themselves onto him/her. Having the ability to do this with Corvo and experience the story in this way, truly is captivating.
Plot Twist – Like all good plots, there’s always a plot twist. Having not read any spoiler material prior to playing this game, i did predict that this specific event may happen but my enthrallment with the game allowed me to experience the initial gratifying shock that i’ve missed about most games within the generation.

FullDisc FullDisc FullDisc FullDisc Quarter

(A score of 4.25 out of 5 Discs)

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