Tap Tap Revenge 3 – The Review

Tap Tap Revenge 3 – The Review


Tap Tap Revenge is a music simulator that gives the player the opportunity to emulate their favourite music by tapping to the beat of the song in contrast to the onscreen prompts.

Graphical Issues – Graphically there isn’t much to the game so there is little error occurring.
Aesthetically Pleasing – As simple as the game is, the graphics work well with the mechanics and are indeed aesthetically pleasing.
User Interface – Practically the game consists how little more than a single menu and the game screen so it’s relatively easy to understand.
Art Style – In the style is relatively contextual to the song, so it is relatively appropriate

Appropriate – With only 3 places to ‘Tap’ the controls are relatively appropriate because of its resemblance to the placement of guitar strings.
Easy to Learn – Depending on the difficulty selected and the song, it’s relatively easy to learn the controls as there are literally only three places to tap.
Dynamic – The tap places can be dynamically used with three fingers, meaning that they are dynamic to the point of optimal use.
Changeable – Unfortunately i didn’t discover a way to change the controls. As it is a touch-screen system there really isn’t a need to change the controls considering there is no alternative.

Fluidity – Gameplay thus becomes very fluid because of this
Replay ability – With these types of games there really isn’t a limit the possibilities of replayability because of the use of different songs and high scoring capabilities.
Interesting – In terms of gameplay the intuitive dynamics of the mechanics make the game interesting for those wanting to play their favourite music.
Addictive – The addiction factor on this game stems from it’s ability to give the player a challenge that is ‘beatable’ but is often failed by human error, thus creating a pattern of constantly wanting to beat a level because of estimating how to win.

Does it have a score? – Essentially, the score implemented into the game is the designated song that the player has selected so it effectively changes the mood of the game on its own and its appropriate in its own right.

Does it have a Narrative/Story? – Like most casual iOS games it doesn’t have a narrative/story simply because it’s essentially just an emulator to ‘tap to the beat’ in synch with your favourite music.


FullDisc FullDisc FullDisc 3Q

(A score of 3.75 out of 5 Discs)

For an overview of the reviews and the marking criteria, click the link


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