Interactive Slideshow

For an assignment, we were tasked with creating an interactive slideshow in Adobe Flash. We had to come up with the main premise ourselves in a form of a 10 image narrative but the slideshow had to contain a; forward, backward and home button.

I chose to model the narrative after a cartoon version the Cerebral Knight character i had crafted and shown in previous posts. As a concept i went for this:


I wanted the concept to retain to the brief by having the main screen for the narrated image, the right hand bar for the text narration and the bottom half of the screen for navigational purposes. Eventually i took to Flash and constructed the template design that i now use. But before i could use this i needed to implement the imagery. As i have an inexperience with Photoshop i took to hand rendering the 10 images i used because i thought i could better convey the message i was trying to get across better through physical means. Here are the 10 images;

image1 image2 image3 image4 image7 image8 image9 image10 image5 image6

After this i was ready to construct the slideshow, the coding became difficult at times because of human errors i kept making with lapses of judgement and a lack of common sense. I prevailed eventually and came to this final product.


Overall i’m satisfied with the result. If i had a better attenuation for using Flash i think it could’ve been a lot more efficiently handled and more streamlined. I’ll take this as an experience and hopefully learn to improve the artwork next time and my ability to code said slideshow.

Sound used. (If it works)


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