Their Pride & Joy

For an assignment we were asked to sketch a scene using only our own drawing abilities to render on paper. There were 3 possible avenues for this; a car, a boat or a plane. I chose the plane out of a fondness for things that fly.

One of my favourite aircraft is the F-16 Raptor, so i knew without question that was what i wanted to attempt to draw. Here is the research i found: (All original links to the images are accessible through clicking the image)

3Q 3Q

From here i then crafted some initial sketches to get a feel for the different perspectives that the plane could take, so that i could better visualize it.

TheirPrideAndJoy2ndPersp TheirPrideAndJoy1stPersp

After i this i took my time trying to visualize the right angle to approach the final render. I took account everything the brief had told me about the plane needing to be in disrepair, in or near an air strip. So i decided to plot the render of a plane with a broken wing waiting to be fixed, with a partial view of the air strip from an open hangar door.


Overall i’m fairly content with the final product. I feel that if i had a greater drawing ability it would’ve fared a lot greater had i known prior how to shade correctly, but for a first attempt at a finished piece of art i’m generally satisfied.


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