Gaming Company Names

So I’ve been tasked with coming up with a name for a Production Company within my specialist area. Here is where i started to wonder, what do pre-existing Games Developers/Publishers have in relation to names and what do they stand for?

Epic Games

Known mainly for the being the creative geniuses behind the Gears of War and Unreal Tournament franchises, they also spearheaded the Unreal Engine, of which has practically been utilized in a large portion of video games this current generation. But why ‘Epic Games’? Is it because of their ‘blockbuster’ games that one may perceive as ‘Epic’?

From an outside perspective, a perception of arrogance may be placed over the company for coining a moniker that relays their own company produces ‘Epic’ games, when it’s the consumers opinion in the end that matters.

Insomniac Games

Notable for the ‘Spyro The Dragon’ series, their name is assumed to speak reverence to the games they produce. An ‘Insomniac’ by definition is an individual who has difficulties sleeping. In essence, the company would then be referencing that their games ‘Keep the player awake’ by how alluring and addictive they may be.

Irrational Games

Very much like their beloved BioShock franchise, the name of the company pays homage to the games they produce. ‘Irrationality’ is in essence the definition of an individual not making any sense, and in respect to their games they are indeed correct.

Naughty Dog

Known for the Uncharted series and non other than Crash Bandicoot himself. I chose to look at this one for the basic premise that this company name has practically no correlation to the product. It’s the sheer randomness of name selection that intrigues me and may factor into my own decision making process.

My Name

I did initially plan on creating the name based on the types of games i like to come up with, but then i realized how varied my ideas usually are. So i decided to go for choosing two words; one an adjective that best allays the overall scope of my ideas and an object or entity that could prove to be a mascot (in terms of future possible logo designs, etc).

Result: Bizarre Bear Games

In essence, i wanted to capture the ideas that swirl around inside my brain on a daily basis, these ideas generally range from pointless to sheer Bizarre. I think in terms of a mascot, Bears are a formidable animal and fairly durable in media as they are generally portrayed as being tough and fearful. The ‘Games‘ addition on the end is to enforce the concept of the company itself.  Naughty Dog as an example have the capacity to get away with this because of how established they are currently within the games industry, i wouldn’t be afforded such luxury as the name could represent something else in another individuals eyes. The alliteration of Bizarre Bear, additionally sold the idea to me because of how memorable the name is.


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