‘Distortion’ – RPG Introductory Backstory

Our tale begins in the 6th Century, and the throne to the Kingdom of Camelot lay empty. King Uther Pendragon has died, and the kingship of the land has been bestowed upon a single challenge. That particular challenge, you may know quite well. Excalibur, the sword of untold power and legend, has been implanted in stone awaiting the rightful King to claim the sword and crown for his own. Many attempted, wanting nothing more than to rule Camelot and have all of its riches. Months had passed, many tried and all failed.

All until one. That individual in particular was none other than Arthur Pendragon, son of the late King. A soldier by trade, he was unrecognized within society as being heir to the throne of Camelot, due to being raised by the former advisor to the late King, Merlin. He reluctantly came to answer the challenge at the behest of his friend. After much persuasion, Arthur agreed to attempting the feat and unbeknownst to him, Merlin orchestrated the entire event. He foresaw the greatness Arthur would achieve as King, by looking into the future with the use of his many abilities.

When it came time, Arthur gallantly stepped up to the stone like many before him, grasped the sword and lifted it into the air.

In this moment, here is where our tale becomes a little disoriented. History would tell you that Arthur was later crowned King of England, ruled over Camelot to the delight of his subjects and lived happily ever after. But, that hasn’t happened yet and might not. Something is distorting time itself and Arthur is in the center of it. The future King of England is instantaneously transported through time, standing with sword in the air, to the middle of London in the year 2015. Bewildered, Arthur within moments is attacked by a group of masked assailants and his most recent possession is stolen. Those unknown individuals, mistakenly dropped a business card that perched precariously near Arthur’s unconscious body, entitled “Ablet Corporation”.

After witnessing Arthur simply vanish into thin air, Merlin tracked the magical essence he implanted onto Arthur earlier in his childhood. Using this he traveled through time, but at a cost. Arriving moments after the ordeal to a confused and barely conscious Arthur, Merlin warns him of what has transpired. Being present in the future has set events in to motion that are unforeseeable, even by Merlin.  Time is slowly being erased and Arthur not being present in Camelot to be the King of legend, is sending a ripple through time that is reverberating and shattering reality itself. Arthur and Merlin must navigate London, unravel a plot shrouding the mysterious “Ablet Corporation”. Because Merlin’s magic has been depleted and Excalibur is their only chance at saving time, before it’s too late.

But they are out of time, misplaced and unknowing of how to navigate near-modern society. So they need help, help that they’ll find in the most unusual places.


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