‘Distortion’ – Protagonist: Merlin – Character Bio

Full Name: Merlin

Nickname(s) or Alias: The Wizard

Gender: Male

Species: Human (His magical potential is assumed to have been given to him at birth. Thus, it’s speculated that he may have been born from half mortal and half supernatural parentage)

Age: Unknown

Height: 5 ft 11 inches

Weight: 135 pounds

Hair Style: Long white hair

Attire: Hooded Robes

Date of Birth: Unknown

Sexuality: Unknown (It’s postulated that Merlin may have potentially been homosexual, as he has never bore any children. Neither has he had any company that would suggest the contrary, so the topic is up for debate)

Nationality: English

Currently residing in: Camelot

Native language: Old English (Time imprint has given him an understanding of modern English)

Languages spoken: English

Relationship Status: Single


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