Film Production – 1 Minute Narrative Video: Main Ideas

Rough Times

A narrative exploring the complexities of surviving through a zombie apocalypse. The film would be shot in the dark and would only be taking an inference to the zombie horror in terms of narrative context. It’s specifically a narrative of the struggles the protagonist will face, not issuing direct screen-time with any ‘zombie’ foes. The film could possibly end with the protagonist dropping the camera in an attempt to flee a zombie, which is an idea within this realm being considered.

Super Powered?

A short narrative where an average protagonist wakes up and discovers he has a superpower. Going through the moral dilemmas of not being able to tell anybody that could jeopardize the secret and also juggling controlling said abilities. More of a narrative to highlight the comical aspects of superpowered individuals, so it would be likely that the protagonist have an insufferably terrible power, such as; Being able to shoot lightning out of your hands but every time you do it’s a weak variant of the power and it burns your hand, or something of that accord. Obviously the effects would be shot in Adobe After Effects to better capture the essence needed.

End of The Road

A comical narrative to portray the annoying factor of using an old laptop. The premise came around because i myself have a laptop that is no longer use-able and i have recently upgraded, so i saw fit to utilize this as an opportunity to ‘appropriately’ dispose of it. The protagonist would go through the trials of; using the laptop, the machine freezes causing the protagonist to hurl verbal abuse at the machine, the protagonist would then threaten the machine with violence and would initiate a flashback scene, the scene would include him and the laptop in the happier times of their lives, he would then yield and accept the laptop back into his life, moments after the laptop would BSOD (Blue Screen of Death), the film would then jump cut to a shot of the protagonist hitting the laptop with a blunt object and enjoying the spoils of a new laptop or PC.


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