Film Treatment: ‘End of The Road’


It’s been a long road for Craig and his laptop. He got the laptop over a year ago as his previous one was absolutely terrible, and he treasured it so. But like all things, it came to the time in its life where it’s usefulness had come to an end. We begin this story on a brisk spring afternoon as Craig is eagerly using his laptop to do some of his university work. Getting increasingly frustrated with the dated hardware and generally slow capabilities that the laptop has been reduced to, the system eventually freezes. Frustration levels reaching maximum velocity, Craig exclaiming his annoyance threatens the machine.


After a short rhetorical verbal battle with the machine, Craig stares longingly at the laptop as he holds it in the air, switching back and forth between shots of the two staring at one another. Imagination starts to flutter as a flashback is initiated. Craig remembering the good times spent with the laptop and joys they had over the summer. Dancing around with the machine in tow reminiscing with appropriate sad music playing in the background. Craig feels overcome with the memories shared with the laptop, thus snapping out of the flashback.


Craig decides momentarily to keep the laptop, only for it to Blue Screen of Death seconds later. A quick jumpcut to the laptop falling from a window and smashing onto the ground. It ends with Craig happily hugging his new PC, and fades looking at the mess left by the entrails of the laptop in question.


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