‘Distortion’ – Protagonist: Jacob Wood – Backstory

A keen video gamer growing up, Jacob saw life as an adventure. This saw him having an interest joining the army, and at the ripe age of 18, he enlisted and in his later years saw the reality of the situation. He progressed fairly far up the hierarchy of the British Army, even to the point in which the SAS enlisted his services. Eventually the imprisonment of the mental and physical anguish that came with the job finally took its toll, and Jacob gave up. Leaving his post during an operation and inadvertently resulting in a number of his team getting injured on a classified mission. He simply wanted to be free.

After returning back to his home, his life started to crumble. He finally saw that life for him had been drained of all the fun that he once had growing up playing video games. Eventually his wife divorced him, children disowned him and the government was on the hunt. But the thing is with Jacob, he was always the jester. Regardless of the situation, even if he was blasted with depression he could always keep a smile on his and everyone’s face.

Now on the run for desertion, he sought his own adventure. Before reality would catch up with him again…


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