‘Distortion’ – Protagonist: Vladimir Nguyen – Backstory

Born in Kharkiv, Ukraine to a Vietnamese father and a Ukrainian mother, he was raised in the wealthier part of the country. Growing up with an interest in physics, he eventually began dreaming of visiting the city of London to explore its wonders. He got that opportunity when he was granted entry into an unnamed university in the city. Being of mixed parentage he was taught from a young age to learn as many languages as he could to get a greater understanding of the world.

When moving to London to study Cosmology, he was prompted from his parents to take up an activity that would get him out from the desk and explore the world. For no particular reason he chose Archery, having been inspired by watching a fantasy film the night before. At his first practice session he mastered it particularly easily, although he doubted his skill. Meeting his girlfriend, Jenna through attending these sessions also.

Not long after this he was confronted by a strange duo of characters on a rather average afternoon. An elderly man in robes and a younger man in full plate armour came looking for an archer. Vladimir’s interest piqued, how could he refuse?


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