‘Distortion’ – RPG Proposal

At the start of the project, we were tasked with coming up with an RPG concept to take through to early development. From this we would create the various characters that would fill our own specified universes. Here i started on a quest to craft a story to set the RPG on, many thoughts crossed my mind, but only one stood out: King Arthur. Taking this idea forward i wanted to use the idea but put my own twist on it, thus i decided to ‘distort’ history. I researched various sources alluding to Arthurian history to give the idea a basis, but as this would be an original idea, i had the opportunity to have artistic leeway and alter history for my own purposes.


Arthur Pendragon has been ripped out of Camelot and placed in the city of London, within the year 2015. On arrival his most trusty sword Excalibur, of which he was moments removed from plucking out of the stone, is stolen in an ambush and now Arthur is left in the middle of London confused and swordless. Joined momentarily by his mentor Merlin, is thrust into the heart of modern society as he begins on a quest to retrieve his sword. But he isn’t the fabled King Arthur of legend, as he is yet to be crowned so he needs help. Meeting the third member of the group, Jacob after he nearly runs him over when they stumble across a busy road. The fourth and fifth members of this illustrious band of merry strange folk are a couple named Vladimir and Jenna, of whom meet Arthur as Vladimir is practicing Archery and upon seeing his skill, request he join them on his vital mission. Arthur and his companions now must race across London in a desperate attempt to retrieve the sword shrouded behind the mysterious Ablet Corporation, before time runs out.


  • Arthur Pendragon – Younger version of the fabled King of England
  • Merlin – Trusty court Wizard of Camelot
  • Vladimir Nguyen – Foreign exchange student from Ukraine who has a keen taste for Archery
  • Jenna Morgan – Welsh university student with an obsession with medieval history
  • Ablet Corporation – Mysterious organization that is supposedly in the field of researching Quantum Dynamics, assumed name to cover the actions made by the Knights of The Round Table
  • Lance Aileot – Chairman of Ablet Corporation and assumed identity of Arthur’s greatest foe, Sir Lancelot
  • Gwen Everett – CEO of Ablet Corporation, fiancee of Lance Aileot and assumed identity of Arthur’s former bethrothed, Guinevere


™A top down perspective inspired by games such as; the original Grand Theft Auto and Hotline Miami. With a Combat system reflects the party based tactical aspect of Final Fantasy, mixed with the turn based Pokémon. ™Each of the 5 protagonists level accordingly to party use, reflecting games such as Dragon Age. The aim would be to have 3 vs 3 to better attribute to tactical gameplay. Story will be mostly linear but will differentiate at key moments within the narrative that befit the title. Gameplay is an open-world exploration of a specific area within London, mostly focusing on hub-based economy.

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