‘Distortion’ – Antagonist: Garry Penn – Backstory

Born in Camelot, was the nephew to King Arthur and a triplet son of said his half-sister Morgan Le Fay. Along with his two brothers Gawain (Gavin) and Gareth were knighted into the Round Table as honorary heir’s to the throne. Growing in competency over the years, both he and his brothers grew to be some of the more reliable members of the table. When it came time for the rebellion, he didn’t know any better. Being the runt of the litter and having little in the way of intellect, he’s regarded as the muscle of his brothers.

Stumbling into the future, the knights as a collective banded under Lancelot and formed the Ablet Corporation. Using what skill and cunning he had, he aided the knights in establishing themselves. Seeing as the rest of the knights outweighed him in the intelligence department, and he was put in charge of building security.


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