‘The Street’ – Research (1)

A High Street is typically referred to as a main street in a town/city that accommodates for retail. Greater examples of this in Hull, would be ones such as; Holderness Road, Whitefriargate and Prospect Street. These boast the greater amounts of retail representation in the city and are directly within the retail centric areas of the city.

The aim of this project is to look at a street that could be classified as a ‘High Street’ and assess its values in preparation for interpretation. That being, an observational drawing of the street, looking at the environment and seeing how it could be useful to utilize in environment design. I decided to look more locally on the Eastern side of the city to where i live. The Ings Road/Sutton House Road Area in particular, may not essentially be classified as a ‘High Street’, but it pertains to the retail aspect that promotes through traffic within the area. I walk past this small community of retail outlets every single day that i venture to the Bus Stop to travel to University and i thought it a quite distinct area. The reasoning behind this, is because throughout the day it sees an abundance of traffic from predominantly school children that attend the local educational facilities in the area and at night becomes home to some of the more increasingly unsavoury characters. An example of an event that happened many years ago linked: here. And so, the area is generally a mix between well kept and susceptible to the occasional vandalistic act. It doesn’t seem as if the area has much evolutionary potential, seeing as it’s surrounded by a predominate residential area, expansion would depend on acquisition of property in the surrounding area and the size of the buildings architecturally speaking wouldn’t be able to elevate higher than regular residential properties because of the need for city council permission. Ownership of the stores in question has fluctuated over the years and has seen the area go through some change, whether this be attributed to the recession is a matter i know little about as i don’t know the establishment owners personally.


To kick things off, here’s a Google Maps overview of the area. Obviously i didn’t take this, i’m not that tall.

First round snaps: (Because i’m such a professional photographer)



Photo 2013-03-13 09.19.40

Allow me to point this building out in particular, it’s probably the only building within the area that’s undergone a more extensive renovation to the point of which the old residential aspect of the building has effectively been removed.

Photo 2013-03-13 09.20.03

Photo 2013-03-13 09.20.21

Photo 2013-03-13 09.21.06

Photo 2013-03-20 08.33.49

Photo 2013-03-20 08.34.15

List of outlets;

  • Lloyds TSB (Bank)
  • Sainsbury’s Local
  • Chinese Takeaway (Chopstick House)
  • Moorfields (Butchers)
  • Post Office
  • Delicatessen
  • Nail Salon
  • The Flower Shop
  • Fish and Chip Shop (Sue Downs)
  • Takeaway Establishment (Arizona)
  • Local store (O-So-Fresh)
  • Male Hair Salon (Designer Gents)
  • Local off-license
  • Hair Salon (Affinity Hair Spa)
  • Additionally is a Bus Stop located near to the area

Possible Environmental Gameplay Elements

  • Open-able windows on the exterior side of a majority of the second floor windows within the area. These could be used for various things, such as giving interactive access to the buildings through methods such as; Parkour. Or could be used for escape attempts from the buildings, if the gameplay events required so.
  • Seeing as it’s surrounded by residential areas, there are several amounts of getaway routes, alleyways and roads to cross. As it’s has a large exterior crossroads in the center of the area, it could also be manipulated further for expansion. With things such as; navigational blocks that could point the player in a specific route without giving off too much of an aesthetic warning that they’re present.
  • Plenty of cars in the area could provide for a suitable supplement for cover-based gameplay. Perhaps utilizing the bank to simulate a observable bank heist? – Thus hiding behind cars to avoid the perpetrators whilst waiting for police. The area certainly is malleable in terms of gameplay, and isn’t particularly restricted to a parallel setting that most streets are confined to.
  • The amount of roads present, would require a procedural traffic simulation to simulate the fluctuations in traffic throughout the day. Grand Theft Auto carries a more prominent example of this of how they simulate an entire in-game day within an hour, the traffic thus reflects this and deviates between sparse and congested traffic.
  • There are a couple of the shops that utilize canopies. In terms of the environment, it’d be notable to see how they’d shade individuals and cast specific shadows throughout the day.


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