‘End of The Road’ – Draft Script

For the film, i decided to shift to premise to a narrative with voice over. That way the body language of the actor in question could better allay the concept of the film with reassuring dialogue for the viewer. Also, i decided to change the destruction sequence from a montage of destruction, to throwing the laptop from a height, to create the illusion of destruction. But so that i could purposefully and safely disfigure the laptop without having to rely on one take.

Frame 1: “Here is Craig. He’s been using his laptop now for over a year and it’s began to run a little slow”

Frame 2: “Even doing to smallest tasks take too long”

Frame 3: “This increasingly makes Craig frustrated”

Frame 4: “It all changed one day, when this happened”

Frame 5: “Frustrated, Craig threatened the laptop in a rhetorical, ‘i’m going to throw you down the stairs’ sense”

Frame 6: “But then he began to remember the good times with the laptop”

Frame 7: “Summer spent without a care in the world,”

Frame 8: “Listening to god awful music”

Frame 9: “Forgiving the laptop for past discretion,”

Frame 10: “He decided to keep it”

Frame 11: “Optimism at a high, he went to use the laptop”

Frame 12: “And then this happened… again”

Frame 13: -Jumps to real-time audio for Laptop death sequence-

Frame 14: *Fade*

Frame 15: “After a time Craig bought a new PC to replace the laptop”

Frame 16: “And that was the end of the road, for the laptop”


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