3DS Max – Replication Challenge/First Attempt(s)

As a challenge, we were set to replicate using 3DS Max, an object from selection in the tutorial. I was allocated a chess piece, but for its ease in construction it’s no easy feat for an individual of little experience. Having little experience using the software and a stronger preference for using the likes of Blender, this prove to be quite the challenge for me regardless of the ease of the model.

Original Object

I was given the ‘Bishop’ Chess Piece to model.
ChessPiece1 ChessPiece2 ChessPiece3 ChessPiece4


After a time, i came to this result with a bit of difficulty. My inexperience with this software particularly inhibited my ability to utilize it to its maximum potential, specifically i had issue with the manipulation and curvature that is required with a model such as this. I began using the Torus’ to give construct to the distinct curved edges, the bottom half of the model i think worked the best because of how distinctly similar to the shape it is to that of a Torus. The cylindrical aspect of the model could’ve been more narrowed at this stage to give a better representation of the real object. The upper part is the aspect i struggled most with. I tried initially to manipulate another Torus to my whim, so that i could get better curvature to the object but it wouldn’t slope appropriately as in the real object.   that are specific Being used to Blender i found the experience enlightening to say the least.

ChessScreen1 ChessScreen2

Throughout the build, i found curving the objects to be the most troubling. I did originally intend on adding a texture to the model but i realized later on that i forgot to take a usable photo of the original object to discount the gap the object pertains (see images above).


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