Rabbit Heart Research

For this module, the task was simple: Create a GUI. But to create one of these, we needed a subject of interest. The chosen subject being the game currently in creation by Gareth Sleightholme and Paul Starkey, Rabbit Heart. The game is the tale of a young girl called Ululu lost in a strange world only accompanied by a semi-sentient Exo-Suit that is reminiscent of her childhood toy.

The gameplay in question has an arrary of different components yet to be allayed through its development. The task here is to postulate and create a Graphical User Interface that would best befit this creation in terms of what the user is asking for. From glance, it’s inferred that these components would be a necessity in design;

  • Main menu: The game has yet to be assigned a main menu splash screen as it is still in development. In terms of user interaction it would be fitting for the GUI to incorporate this into the product.
  • Exo-Suit HUD: A primary aspect of gameplay, Ululu takes control of the Exo-Suit and operates it. With this for immersive properties, this would then be needed to be incorporated. From inference the design would need to mirror one that would be suitable within a mechanized contraption such as the suit.
  • Ululu HUD: Moving throughout the world away from the Exo-Suit, Ululu is able to navigate the game on her own. This thus means that the player would need a heads up display (HUD) to help with navigational and other properties of the game such as a health system and inventory. The third-person perspective would give caution to the debate between diegetic and non-diegetic HUD’s because of the immersion factor, being that the HUD could be visable to the player and protagonist or just to the player. I think in an ideal world, the ability for the protagonist to also see the HUD would work best as the displays between Ululu and the Mech differ for protagonist visibility. But in terms of the style of game and the little amount of inferable technology that could be implemented onto the protagonist (See Dead Space with Isaac’s Health and Stasis bar on the back of his suit) it may be more viable to imprint it onto the display but with limitations on the amount of visable detractions to give a greater immersive experience.
    • Inventory System: I think in terms of the grand scheme of things and to better immersify the player, the inventory HUD should be confined to Ululu’s HUD but also not be detracting from gameplay.
  • Options: In any game they always allow the player to have the option of making changes to the game in certain ways, those being things such as; Changing graphical options, changing audio options, gameplay options, having the ability to save and load a game, etc.

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