The Street – Building Proposal & Initial Sketches

Ransacked, Run-down Toy Shop

The idea being a small toy shop, that’s been abandoned by its owners. The back-story behind the shop would follow along the lines of an elderly couple running the shop, one of them passing away and the other not being able to carry on proceedings without their other half. The shop is left in disarray and is eventually ransacked and vandalized. The upper residential area that the couple lived in is left in pristine condition as the remaining individual alive had barricaded themselves in there.

Buildings upper and lower floor are to be designed as stark contrasts between the two. The implementation of an ‘inferred’ back-story of the building is for the intention of adding character. The lower half with broken toys peering out of the broken windows and the upper floor being clean and well-kept with a balcony possibly with maintained plants.


Photo 2013-04-10 09.44.29 Photo 2013-04-10 09.44.56


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