3DS Max: The Forgotten Dice

At the beginning of the semester, one of the first things we looked at was modelling a dice. This was actually the first lesson within 3DS Max and i remember being relatively ‘overwhelmed’ when looking at the software. I’d been used to other 3D software before, however tamely, such as Blender. But the ferocity of 3DS Max struck me so, seeming so unnecessarily complex.

The lesson was basically a “How Not To” lesson in 3D Modelling in regards to the dreaded polygon count and how the necessity of thousands of polygons would do more harm than good. Seeing that the dice here alone is worth over 5000 polygons itself was an eye opener.



In terms of typing this post out now and actually building this many months ago, i feel a lot more confident and less overwhelmed by the software after having copious amounts of time to have the ability to tinker with the software and find my own way of figuring problems out. I indeed think the lesson at the time helped with negating and aiding my ability to needlessly waste polygon counts on any structures i build.


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