3DS Max – UDK

As part of The Street project, we are tasked with creating a building for the street. The building i have propositioned here, is to be constructed inside the 3D Modelling software known as 3DS Max. Now, The Street however is being constructed externally in UDK and thus the model created has to be exported and must be compliant with a set of properties placed on most buildings that are to be placed on the street.

Those are;

  • To import a 3DS Max file to UDK (Unreal Development Kit), it must be saved in the format known as FBX. Otherwise, it won’t be applied onto The Street
  • The texture map for the entire sphere of things created must be within the 1024 x 1024 pixel limitation that is set upon textures
  • These texture maps are to be saved in the TGA file format
  • No Boolean operations for things such as Subdivision of surfaces in 3DS Max can be applied to any model as they tend to not comply with UDK
  • Additionally the object must not exceed the length of 5 Metres by 6 Metres in UDK measurement
  • Finally, the collisions for each object must be set by the individual themselves by applying a UCX model to it. Which from practice is essentially a box surrounding aspects of the object to count as collision, saved under the same name within 3DS Max as the original shape but with a UCX_ prefix added onto it so UDK recognizes that this is for collisions.

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