3DS Modelling Glossary

Ambient Occlusion: Is the way in which light is measured bouncing off an object to reflect back from the surface depending on light and the environment, the correct proportionate light shines off to add realism to the scene. (Source)

Axis: Is an imaginary line that has aspects revolving around it.

Baking: Is the ability to save a texture as a repeatable so it has the ability to be used again

Coordinates: Are mathematically based calculations as to the location of an object. These are typically given using the X, Y and Z coordinates.

Edge: Are connected vertices that have formed to create an edge of an object

Extrusion: Is the ability to move a face or edge across an axis to add definition to it, and make it a grander size on said axis.

Face: An aspect of an object that is created on the formation of multiple edges

FOV: The visible Field of View and/or Vision

Material: Materials are generally the things that store aesthetic information for an object, these then pass their inherit traits down to the object and allow them to have the same aesthetic properties.

Polygon: A shape that is resoundingly flat and is more commonly portrayed as a face.

Texture: Are applicable images to objects within the 3D Model Editor, these are typically applied to give aesthetic value to the object.

Vertices: Aspects of an object

XYZ: The three dimensional planes. X and Y represent the two-dimensional plane, Z is representative of the third-dimensional plane.

Diffuse Map: A type of texture map that specifically is oriented to add colour to an object

Specular Map: Is a type of map that allows objects to be coated with shine/gloss to add a polished effect

Normal Map: Allows the identification of unflat surfaces so that light may be correctly shone upon them and shadows cast.

Reflection Map: Reflective aspect of a model, allows parts to be mirrored.

Alpha Map: Deduces the transparency for selected areas.


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