Company Ident: Beginning to End

So the next step on the Company project, was to actual design and create an ident for said company that would represent what the company stands for and what they’re about. Initially being that the name of the company was Bizarre Bear Games, was to involve obviously, a bear into the fold. So i utilized this and create a story-boarded scene that would represent my initial ideas

That would entail a bear playing a game, getting frustrated and throwing a controller at a wall thus leaving an imprint on the wall embedded with the words ‘Bizarre Bear Games’


I liked this idea for a substantial amount of time before i realized that the ethos of what i was trying to portray wasn’t going to fit inside the already tight 3-5 second guideline. So i had to abandon this idea in place of another.

Thus i backtracked and decided to have it solely incorporate a brand, or logo. This a more efficient way of portraying the message and frankly, saved me time in getting everything set up in After Effects.

Company Logo (Built with the idealism of portraying both ‘aspects’ of how bears are represented in media, “Cute, Teddy Bears” and “Ferocious, Grizzly Bears (And other types of bears, i’m just generalizing)”.



From here i had to discern how it would play out. I wanted the ident to portray the coming together of the aforementioned idealism and thus i had to make two separate bear entities and have them become one in a rather ‘bizarre’ fashion.

Scene Sketch


The idea behind this was for both bears to imitate a run, or rather dance towards each other coming from opposing directions and performing mirrored motion paths. Thus enforcing this idea of mirrored opposites portrayed in the social sphere.

Final Ident

And thus after tinkering arrived at this final ident

I think given another go around, and more practice i could most probably do a better job. Other than that it portrays what i intended it to, and i’m content enough with it for the time being.


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