Concept Artist/Illustrative Practitioners: Jackson Sze

Jackson Sze, a freelance concept artist and illustrator that works within the video game and film industries known for predominantly film based concepts. Known for projects such as; Iron Man 3, The Hunger Games, etc. Jackson specifically piqued my interests with his art whilst i was researching others practitioners because of his art style that seems to reflect painted realism.

The first two images caught my attention for how photo-realistic they are, even though they are painted art. Though technically not architectural, the rural aspect of inner architecture within these painted worlds are certainly captivating, and i thought it poignant to bring this to attention as the street project plays into this aspect of architectural structures, yet places are brought alive by things within them thus personifying the space around them.

The next three images portray an aspect of rurality that are reflect on the outer side of the architectural sphere, literally. The first doesn’t have much in the ways of architecture in the scene, but casts the shadow of civility in the distance with buildings in the foreground, playing more towards the rural aspect. The second is believed to be more in the ways of fantasy given that the populace are all mice, thus the architecture reflect this, in a fantasy ‘storybook’ style with mushrooms growing out of the foliage.

Overall, i think his art style and overall scheme of portraying a message seems to resonate towards highlighting the things going on around buildings and inside them, rather than towards specific things like buildings. Like the last image, if you removed the people, canopies and general atmosphere, the conveyed message would not be the same as the scene is predominantly structured for them, with them it’s a crowded street, without them the building is just a building.

f0033789_4eca79de0c859 Jackson_Sze_02a Jackson_Sze_04a Jackson_Sze_06a Jackson_Sze_10a

His portfolio/website:

Concept Art World » Jackson Sze. 2013. Concept Art World » Jackson Sze. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 May 2013].

Jackson Sze – IMDb. 2013. Jackson Sze – IMDb. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 May 2013].


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