Concept Artist/Illustrative Practitioners: Park Jong Won

A South Korean concept artist and illustrator, Park Jong Won works dominantly within the video game industry creating concept art for games, his most renown work comes from games such as; Aion, Steel Dog and 4Story Online.

I found his work particularly interesting because of his unique take on rural architecture but based within a fantasy based concept. The style reminds me fondly of taking aspects of an image and simply altering their hue and saturation to get the effect similar somewhat to paintings, it’s almost as if the style is reminiscent of ink blots. A concept of similar fashion could possibly be produced from similar methods in software such as Photoshop, with the correct know-how and obviously, skill. It’s odd to note that this technique seems to put more emphasis on the entire scene instead of individualistic buildings, thus giving character to this cityscape and less attention towards specific objects.

With the emphasis primarily on ‘fantasy’ these buildings seem to replicate this, leaving a mostly exaggerated architecture than is proportional in reality but still gives a great sense of rurality to the aspects of those that intend it.

Below is a selection of his works that i found intriguing and relevant to this idea of rural-ism and architectural display,

His portfolio/website:

202_stream a asse ca111 f0033789_4eca79de0c859


Concept Art World » Park Jong Won. 2013. Concept Art World » Park Jong Won. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 May 2013].

park jong won – jcircle – CGHUB. 2013. park jong won – jcircle – CGHUB. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 May 2013].


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