Concept Artist/Illustrative Practitioners: Paul Chadeisson

Paul Chadeisson is a freelance concept artist working out of Paris, France and is renown for supply the art and conceptuals of the soon to be released game Remember Me. I found his art most intriguing for two reasons, they tend to be very detailed and tend to cover enormous landscapes, and i’m eagerly anticipating the aforementioned game and thus the art jumped out at me.

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A lot of Paul’s art tends to be futuristic and fantasy based. Remember Me set in a futuristic version of Paris, which plays right into Paul’s repertoire and allows him deliver vast visuals seen above. Interesting to note with his art style is that the game itself is based around this premise of the character losing her memory, and thus these buildings are distinctly memorable, i found this rather intriguing to tie into the game concept to nicely. Architecturally, it has this ethic of maintaining the ethos of what Paris is today and still incorporating the futuristic elements by adding the technological aspect to it, from the rural grass regions seen in the images across the bottom above, to the more modern shots. It’s almost like the artist is trying to blend both past, present and future into one distinct Paris scene.


His portfolio/website: 2013. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 May 2013].

Concept Art World » Paul Chadeisson. 2013. Concept Art World » Paul Chadeisson. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 07 May 2013].


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