The Street – The Toy Shop Model

Sadly with corruption issues, i lost former versions of the model.. So anyways, here’s the final model;

I had the initial design of having the balcony and making it an entirely different shape. But this was before i was given the measurements that it had to be within and architecturally speaking, the upper living quarters with the initial design would’ve effectively been relatively like living inside of a shoe box, so for the sake of the imaginary house guest, i decided to standardize the upper floor. Additionally i did the same with the shape of the building, essentially half the building was going to be cut off on one of the back sides but it threw off the proportions of the model and made texturing and general modelling a pain. And that brings us to here, The Toy Shop.

fa28e72f1bdc4e3e957b85f274f7b7a0 2b3b81397dd6e25119d2d60e4cb7b181 26b775ad63bc572b32ada40dd59540de

I wanted the model to be as basic and as ‘blend-able’ as possible, because that’s what abandoned buildings are, unnoticeable. You see them if your looking, but they generally go unnoticed to the naked eye.

And here is the illustrious texture pack that makes all of the magic happen;


In hindsight, to make it look more effective i would’ve added a bit more  realism into the texture instead of using that practically give the shiny new building look. Compared to the now laughable attempts in 3DS Max that i performed nearer to the start of this semester, i would be confident enough to say that my skills have improved to the point that i’d be content with most 3D Modelling challenges. Although i could do with more practice with texturing and stitching UV Maps together for easier texturing.


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