Rabbit Heart Initial Sketch – Mech HUD

Photo 2013-04-08 11.02.18


Here is the initial sketch for the Mech HUD of the Rabbit Heart GUI. I initially thought that the inner workings of the HUD should reflect the outer aspect of the Mech by having the windowed elements be a combined reflective of a rabbits face. In this sketch are some other elements i thought essential to the design;

  • Health Bar – Or some reflective element that suggests or infers the state of the health of the Mech itself to allow the player to have a sense of mortality when entering it. 
  • Mech vs Ululu – Inside the Mech, Ululu is limited in her capacity for viewing being that she’s inside a mechanized rabbit and has only the viewpoint of how she can see out of it. In the open world on her own, Ululu this has more freedom and less viewing constraints that would be found otherwise.
  • Holographic Display – I felt the required need for Ululu’s face to be displayed in the form of a holographic display to allow her the ability to convey her emotive state throughout moments in gameplay.

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