‘Distortion’ – Evaluation

Overall i like where the game is at its current state. I can see the flaws with the game and can see what i did right. The implementation of something actually moving is definitely a step up from last time. My greater accomplishment would have to be the in-game navigation, it was a pain to implement and construct the collisions, but it was worth it for the experience. Additionally the 5 movable characters was something i liked and looks far more impressive, personally than a selectable solo character moving around the screen.

I didn’t quite get to grips with stopping the companions from colliding with the walls, this is because of how they follow the leading characters path from a distance and cannot be moved otherwise. Additionally i ran out of time to put actual building quality detail to the buildings as i was too busy messing around with other things. Also, the combat system is very rushed and lacking some coherency in the sense that the AI would only either attack constantly whilst also healing at times, something that’s only avoidable if i were to rebuild the combat system, something i didn’t have time to do.

Rebuilding the combat system and enforcing navigational properties would be the pivotal improvement points going forward. I’d like to also make the entire system more streamlined, currently it’s a massive collation and accumulation of if statements.


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