GUI Feedback Collation

So i asked my peers for feedback on my GUI at a specific stage, here are the results

Things they liked

  • Use of logo colour with buttons
  • Exo suit health bar looks cool, like part of the suit
  • It looks nice
  • Flows well between pages
  • Menu screen is well done
  • Easy to use

Things they didn’t

  • Not sure how options are going to be set out
  • Monitor shows nothing
  • Ululu health bar seems out of place and scruffy
  • Blank pages
  • Not a lot going on
  • Most screens are fairly basic
  • Options screen isn’t finished
  • New Game and Continue buttons go to the same thing
  • Arrows shouldn’t be imprinted onto the design
  • Lack of an inventory system

Suggestions for improvement

  • Make the buttons do something when you hover over them
  • Improve options
  • Show something on the monitor
  • Make an inventory system
  • More detail needed with Ululu
  • Ululu facial expression in Exo Suit HUD?
  • Make something move
  • Give more information, gets confusing
  • Have more things animated
  • Finish/Fix options menu
  • Distinction between New Game and Continue
  • Keyboard keys to cycle through pages?
  • Information interactive guide to show what screen is what, otherwise confusing.

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