Rabbit Heart GUI – Version #1

Menu Screen

Mech HUD

Ululu HUD

These were the initial screens i had available before the time of feedback. I had an additional version after this that i thus lost in a corruption incident, but as they bore similar distinction and the later had little in the way of improvement, i decided to highlight this version as the ‘earliest’ incarnation that was used for testing. Top is the menu screen, bland being that it bears nothing to a menu whatsoever, initially i planned for the menu to be within the Mech and Ululu to ‘swing’ around on the chair but i didn’t see it as viable, given my skillset and or patience with Adobe Flash. The next screen is the Mech HUD and last is the Ululu HUD. The latter two are missing the in-game concept caps that i had in on the later version and have in on the newer versions.


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