Interactive Environments: Police Box

As a group we collectively created a list of assets that had different priorities, those vital to the level being ‘Primary’ and those that didn’t have the same level of priority and could be added on later, were designated as ‘Secondary’ and ‘Tertiary’.

Off of that list I picked a relatively easy model to start things off, a Police Box. The first thing to do here was to do some research on it, to get a look at how one would look in 1914. Here is where a problem came into focus, because either it was overlooked by the person who suggested the asset to be on the list in the first place, or my research skills are lacking, but I couldn’t find any concrete evidence of a Police Box existing prior to 1929. (Backed up by these two sources: Police Boxes and Open University). The 1929 model of which is, the trademark model that inspired the TV show, Doctor Who’s TARDIS.

I was deciding to dismiss the asset and bring the minor issue up with the rest of the group, but I figured that it might be useful for an Easter egg, instead. Seeing as the show Doctor Who relies on the principle of time travel, the Police Box could be present regardless of its historical inaccuracy as a homage to the show. The interactivity for it could come from using it in some form to travel in time or presenting some effect on the screen. (I would’ve suggested it be used to travel to a modern day version of the map, but that’s just double the work and I doubt anyone in the group is up for that) Obviously this would be replaced if the client within the second semester requests that it not be included.

So I thus started to collate imagery of Police Boxes, to get a better perception of how one would look;


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