Interactive Environments: Police Box (update)

So building the Police Box, I decided to go for nearer a TARDIS design simply because of the historical inaccuracy. It was ‘relatively’ easy to make, some hiccups and minor geometry issues occuring from time to time, but overall I enjoyed building it.


I would’ve put more effort and attention to detail in regards to the lamp at the top but I don’t think the Police Box itself would be that immediately visible on the level so it wasn’t a priority for me to focus on that.

It was at this point in development of the Police Box where the focus of the project turned slightly and we were urged to prioritize the buildings on the level because nothing was built on the actual level and every individual was working on assets. At this point I had a rough texture added to the Police Box (below) so development on it was tentatively finished.


In UDK, this is what it looks like.

Pol2 Pol3 

Obviously this is a very rough texture, as I was working out the kinks of texturing. As i’m shifting priorities and focus towards constructing a building, I will tentatively leave this as it is until a time in which I can work on this for implementation into the level, though it isn’t a priority at this point.


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