Interactive Environments: The Tower

The project has come to the point in which we’ve began prioritizing buildings, simply because the entire group was focusing on assets for a level that hasn’t even been blocked out yet. I was coming to the later stages of texturing the Police Box, so I ceased development on that for the time being and picked up a building to begin developing.

I picked The Tower, which was pitched to me as a rather difficult building, of which I didn’t mind because I wanted something for me to test my skills against. Looking at the website of the buildings current form (A nightclub in the city, called Tokyo), gives the indication that the building was built in the year of 1914, so this may be an aspect to look upon when modelling the building, in the way of either scaffolding or an ‘Open now’ sign of sorts. One of the first thing to do is to see how it looks;

Also, for reference when it comes to creating the model, the aerial view courtesy of Google Maps;



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