Technical Production Skills: Studio Setup & Shapes

As a tutorial, Paul showed us how to create a studio setup for looking at models and presenting them in more of a professional way. First we started out with 3 shapes, distanced appropriately so that the light would cast dynamic shadows in accordance to the distance, instead of 3 shapes in a line with the obvious shadows. Then adding 3 lights and a plane to act as the backdrop, for the light to cast a shadow on.

Here’s how the shapes look without materials, simply sitting in the studio setup.


Then here is the setup, with lights, camera and backdrop. And the camera facing angle with the materials added.

Studio1 studioshapesrendered

Rendered out, gives you something that looks like this.


I loved how it came out, I remember doing something similar to this in College with Blender and having a setup for 3DS Max is certainly useful for future and current projects.


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