Aspects of Play: Game Proposal

As a aspect of the module, we were tasked with coming up with a proposal for a game, of which then we would begin to develop. The purpose of this was to incorporate the various Aspects of Play that has been previously looked over to factor into the design and development. This is my proposal;

A 2D Side-Scrolling Parachute Survival Game

  • 2D Flash game
  • A game based around the principle of falling through the sky with a broken parachute and trying to survive (Either a tear, hole or just an unfortunate malfunction that is forcing it down faster than usual)
  • The aim of the game is to land and survive, the faster you land and the more distance traveled, the more points you’ll get.
  • Points equate to an in-game currency, the more points you get, the more equipment you can buy that can help you repair the chute on the way down.
  • The downside to this, the more equipment you equip, the heavier you are. The heavier you are, the faster you fall.
  • Points will be branded in distance zones
  • The further you go the more points you’ll guarantee
  • Fail within the zone and you’ll still receive the zones specific points (As a way of replay-ability)
  • The game will start after the chute has been deployed with the character descending towards the ground at an increasing velocity
  • The interaction comes from piloting the character and using the directional keys to increase or slow the descent velocity
  • The faster the velocity, however, the more likely hood that the chute will collapse and you will plummet to the ground instantly
  • Equipment is there as a means of slowing down the descent and/or fixing the chute. Also discard able as it is factored into the weight system that can force the chute down quicker

In terms of Roger Caillois’ Theory of Play, the categories i’d put it in; Mimicry, Alea
– Mimicry because you’re controlling the player character
– There isn’t really any Agonistic aspects to it as it’s more of a singleplayer survival game than a competitive one. Although a potential for leaderboard implementation could add this category to the game.
– There will be moments of not being able to normally steer the character in correlation to wind and other miscellaneous events, but I wouldn’t considering them to be attributing to Illinx as they won’t be disorienting to the player
– Alea plays a factor on the success rate of applied fixes and whether or not the chute collapses.

– I think it has the potential to induce flow. Any game that requires immediate focus and attention on a specific task, can induce flow dependant on the challenge presented.
– The constant battle to keep the parachute afloat coupled with the ambition to survive and get the best score possible, ‘should’ provide a sufficient challenge for the player.


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